Food Expo

Location Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre | Hongkong/SAR, China, PR
Business Sectors Food , Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff ,
Main Product Group Bakery Products, Beverages, Dairy Products, Fish, Foodstuff, Fruit Juices, Fruits, Preserves, Seafood, Sweets, Tinned marinated Fish, Vegetables, Wine
Supporter Sponsors Hongkong Food Trades Ass., Wine & Spirits Dealers Ass., Beverage,Manufacturers Ass. of Hongkong, Hongkong Hotels Ass., Hongkong &,Kowloon Confectionery, Biscuit & Preserved Fruit Wholesalers Ass.,,Preserved Fruit Amalgamated Employers Ass., Hongkong Wine & Society,Federation of Hongkong Restaurant Owners Ltd.
Opening Hours trade and private visitors: daily 10.30-19.30 h
Founded In 1990
Show Dates
Year Started Date Ended Date
2002 08.15.2002 08.19.2002
2003 08.14.2003 08.18.2003
2004 08.12.2004 08.16.2004
2005 08.11.2005 08.15.2005

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