Hairdresser's Equipment and Cosmetics Trade Fair
Location LITEXPO | Vilnius, Lithuania
Business Sectors Cosmetics , Personal Hygiene , Wellness ,
Main Product Group Cosmetics, Detergents, Fashion Jewellery, Hairdressers' Supplies, Perfumery, Sporting Goods
Co Located Exhibitions Lithuanian Fashion
Space Rental hall space from EUR 84.00/m², booth including shell scheme EUR 101.00/m²
Opening Hours general public: daily 10.00-19.00 hAn den ersten beiden Tagen nur für Fachbesucher
Founded In 1993
Show Dates
Year Started Date Ended Date
2005 02.24.2005 02.27.2005
2006 02.09.2006 02.12.2006
2007 03.02.2007 03.04.2007
2008 03.07.2008 03.09.2008

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